CLM, Incorporated

Below are the companies that make-up Craig L. McAllester, Incorporated.

CAD Construction Design
Though we continue to do all types of construction design, since 2005, the primary focus of our corporation has been small animal facility design services.

In the late 90’s, Craig invented and patented a tool for measuring roof pitch. Though PitchFinder is no longer available for retail, large quantity orders (500 tools or more) may be purchased. Custom labeling or logos are available. Contact us for pricing.

Kennel Design USA is an architectural design firm devoted solely to designing animal care facilities. Our work is  worldwide. and our services include:

• Design Consulting Services
• Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics
• Boarding Kennels
• Animal Shelters
• Police, Military and HomeLand Security Working Dog Kennels

Craig L. McAllester Photography
Craig started shooting film in the mid 1960’s. By the mid 1970’s, he had his own darkroom and spent hours developing film and printing photographs. Today, it’s all digital, and his interest continues to grow.