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Kennel Design Book; available in Hardbound and E-Book.

Our Kennel Design Books:

Over the years, I have come to realize that many of my clients don’t really know what they want in their new kennel or cattery.  They may have some general ideas, but don’t fully understand what amenities they really need, or even, what is available. When you start to plan for a new home, idea books and drawings are available in most any bookstore to get you started—not so for building a new kennel. That is the reason for these Kennel Design Books. 

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Our Latest Book – Boarding Kennels: The Plan Book

In 2011, I stopped counting just how many kennels that I’ve designed over the years. Back then, it was 250, and never had two of them been the same. Some have no idea as to what would work well for them. I wanted a book that would help the reader find what has worked well for others, by looking at what has been done in the past.

So, in May, 2020, I published Boarding Kennels: The Plan Book. It is intended for the reader to just gather ideas for their own kennel, from kennels that I have designed before. The 68 page book has drawings that range in size from a very large, 200 animal, breeding facility, designed for the Royal Family in Doha, Qatar, to a little, 3 dog, private kennel. As you turn the pages, take a highlighter and mark the things that interest you. Make notes in the pages provided in the back to keep all your ideas in one place.

Boarding Kennels: The Design Process

In October, 2016 I wrote another book, Boarding Kennels: The Design Process. This 168 page Kennel Design Book takes the reader from the choices they have in land acquisition or renting a building, through choosing the right materials for the building. It teaches the reader how to build a list of all the things that they want in their new kennel, so that nothing is forgotten. It talks about green products, the choices of drains and vacuum systems used for cleaning. This book takes the reader room by room to help you get the most out of your new kennel. An appendix at the end of the book has a spreadsheet, so that the owner can start gathering pricing information to better understand the the costs associated with the project before they even get started.  This book is is not only a good resource for the owner, but also for the project architect and even the builder too. Certainly a Must-Have for those contracting a project on their own.

Before you start building a kennel, you certainly owe it to yourself to read this book; twice!!

Here are two other books, based on a construction method that is no longer being used at this time, but, they contain a lot of valuable information…

Kennel Design Books Available

Kennels: The Design Process

In July, 2011, I wrote a new 118 page book, Kennels: The Design Process. It begins by explaining the material choices that the client had available for the for those kennel buildings. This book also explains the design process, materials used, and has 30 plans that offer the reader many ideas that might used in their new facility.

Kennels: The Construction Process

In 2009, I developed my first Kennel Design Book, titled Kennels: The Construction Process. This photography book was written for the reader to see what came next in their own construction project, simply by turning the pages. The book was written based on the HoundQuarters building system, which is no longer available. The company closed when the owner passed in October, 2011.

“I certainly understand that spending thousands, upon thousands, of dollars for a new kennel facility is a huge investment, but getting the design wrong is a huge loss.  If this book helps you ‘get it right’ the first time, well that was certainly money well spent.”—Craig L. McAllester

Books are available in hardbound, softbound, and downloadable E-books. Click the link below to view and purchase books directly from the publisher:

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“We’re drooling over this book!   We’re in heaven!”
Robin Martin, Mandan, ND

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